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Maids Dress
Maids Dress

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Bijoux Indiscrets

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Burning Lust Insense Burning Lust Insense
Burn baby burn. Love will be all around when you burn these. Contains 26 incense sticks and holder scented with the signature Les Petits Bonbons sensual perfume based on a recipe found in the Kamasutra.…
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Tickle Me Tickler Tickle Me Tickler
No Ken Dodd moment here from this beautiful black feather tickler Tickle someone you fancy today.…
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Silky Sensual Handcuffs Silky Sensual Handcuffs
Soft and seriously sexy handcuffs to tie your lover up in knots…
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Blind Passion mask Blind Passion mask
Black satin eye mask.…
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Pom Pom Feather Tickler Pom Pom Feather Tickler
Discover new sensations with your delicate feather tickler. Feather tickler made with marabu feathers.…
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Bijoux Indiscrets Mimi Metallic Rhinestone nipple covers Bijoux Indiscrets Mimi Metallic Rhinestone nipple covers
Rhinestone nipple covers. Decorate your body with the most sensual glitter. Two pieces.…
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Sensations Massage Candle Sensations Massage Candle
A scented candle with hidden usage. Light the wick, burn the candle, drizzle the melted oil onto your loved one and massage till its gone dark or you re both asleep.…
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Shhh Luxury Satin Blindfold Shhh Luxury Satin Blindfold
Cover your eyes and unlock your most ardent and secret fantasies. Indulge yourselves with Shhh. Satin blindfold with sensual messages game.…
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Za Za Zu Luxury Feather Handcuffs Za Za Zu Luxury Feather Handcuffs
Trap your lover in the softness of our handcuffs. Marabu feather handcuffs for the most playfull of lovers.…
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Bliss Bliss Massage Gel Bliss Bliss Massage Gel
Bijoux Indiscrets brings you their fantastic massage gel.…
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Burlesque Pasties Burlesque Pasties
Transform yourself into a character of pure exuberance with Bijoux Indiscrets Burlesque Pasties. Leather and satin nipple covers.…
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Coffret Bliss Bliss Gift Set Coffret Bliss Bliss Gift Set
Discover the thrill of skin become pure silk and the sensual power of playing with textures.…
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Coffret Bling Bling Erotic Gift Set Coffret Bling Bling Erotic Gift Set
Dazzle with sensual sparkle while you contain the fire of your most burning fantasies. Sweet and glittering body dusting, marabu feather tickler and handcuffs.…
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Regard Indiscret Lovers Aphrodisiac Gift Set Regard Indiscret Lovers Aphrodisiac Gift Set
Regard Indiscret captures the eroticism of two lovers involved in a provocative photography session. The desire imprinted on each image immortalizes the fleeting sensuality of appearence and offers an opportunity to discover unknown gestures, features and pleasures.…
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Stripteuse  The Seduction Art Stripteuse The Seduction Art
Stripteuse, is the awakening of the erotic, the arousal of desire through glimpses of the hidden a sensual dance which, with delicate precision, uncovers the body through subtle, playful teasing. The Bijoux Indiscrets case offers scenarios where sophistication, desire and sensuality come together in provocative dances, accompanied by soundtracks and accesori…
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